Our History

Our History

God put the need for a free medical clinic for uninsured area residents in the heart of a local Naples resident, Mike Williams. Then in February of 2017, Linda Ricks approached Pastor Mike Sturgell after a morning worship service about the same burden she felt for the community. When Pastor Mike was also made pastor of the Tabler Gospel Tabernacle in October of 2017, the Spirit of God reminded him of these two visits when he was praying at the altar about God’s direction for the Tabler campus. The Pastor prayed for the Lord to have Mike Williams call him if this was a ministry that was supposed to take place at this facility. Mike Williams called him within two weeks and gave him Bill Sisson’s number, nearly 1 year after the original phone call. The first meeting was held on Sunday, January 21st and two months later the start date was set for August of 2018.

"Oklahoma has the second highest rate of uninsured adults..."

Why We Serve

We believe that each of God’s children deserves access to quality healthcare. Oklahoma has the second highest rate of uninsured adults (13.9%), making free health clinics vital to maintaining and improving the health of our population. Together, we can ensure even those who are uninsured live a full, healthy life

Why We Serve
NBC Church Family

New Beginnings Church History

New Beginnings Church began as an in-home Bible study in August 2005. We continued as an in-home ministry for 88 months before transitioning into our current location in December 2012. At that time, New Beginnings had 50 members with an average attendance of 30 on Sunday mornings, Currently, we have 250 members with an average attendance of 120 people on Sunday mornings. We believe God is working through all of us to further His kingdom. New Beginnings Church strives to embody the compassion and love of Christ in all aspects of our ministry.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate medical care and education in a Christ-centered environment to our surrounding communities

Our Approach

Our Aspiration 

To love one another and to love our neighbor as ourselves

Our Vision 

To share the Gospel and provide spiritual guidance

Our Values

  • Human Life – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life
  • Spiritual Guidance – To offer assistance to all through sharing the Word of God
  • Caregiver – Ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of others
  • Compassion – Meeting each individual where they are at and not judge others
  • Respect – To show respect to all individuals irrespective of their religious beliefs
  • Love – Sacrificial service to all without respect of persons
  • Honesty – Walking worthy of our calling and having the mind of Christ in our daily lives
  • Community – Reaching out to help and serve without respect of persons
  • Faith – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Our Story