Healing Hand Community Clinic - Volunteers

“Impacting God’s Kingdom one heart at a time.”

Our Pharmacy Volunteers & License

We are blessed to have several pharmacists volunteering here at HHCC, as well as a pharmacy tech! We have a fully licensed state pharmacy here on the grounds, to allow our patients to be seen by our providers and get their medications, all in one place!

Getting the Building Ready

"...We added three closets and a patient intake room, as well as renovate all the classrooms and bathrooms!"

As we began thinking and praying about using our church building for a free medical clinic, it quickly became apparent that we would need to add more closets and rooms to accommodate a clinic... so that's just what we did! We added three closets and a patient intake room, as well as renovate all the classrooms and bathrooms! A special thank you goes out to Terry for all of his hard work!

Planning & Meetings

Our first meeting was held on Sunday, January 21st and two months later the start date was set for August of 2018! We had many meeting leading up the opening on the clinic! The first meeting really formed the bones of what the clinic should be and the teams it would later be comprised of! Brother Bill Sisson helped us a lot along the way and still does today! He gave us the template for how the clinic should be set up and showed us around to the other free medical clinics and how they are run! It really gave us a vision to keep going!


Feed the Children / Free Eye Clinic

On Sept. 15th, 2018, Feed the Children came down to our clinic to do free eye screenings and give out free glasses to anyone in need! We were able to give approx. 194 people glasses! It was such a blessing for us to be part of this ministry!

Our Open House

We had our first Open House event on Nov. 15th, 2018! We invited anyone who was curious about we do here at HHCC, to come tour our free medical clinic, visit with our volunteers, and to learn how we’re serving the community through providing free medical care and prescriptions to individuals without health insurance! We were also able to raffle off 4 amazing baskets(pictured on the right)! It was amazing, because we were able to raise  $129 for the clinic! Thank you to everyone who helped out! We will no doubt have more as time goes on, so stay tuned!